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My artistic journey started with the Ulyanovsk School of Art in Russia, where I studied the fundamentals of making art.  Soon after graduating I found a job working in billboard advertising and from that point on, I took every opportunity to learn and improve my artistic skills by attending numerous art courses and workshops.

In 2006, while earning my Bachelor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia I came to realize that art has a crucial role in transforming communities.  This realization along with my affinity for repurposing items like broken plates, beads, and glass gave rise to teaching school-based and community mosaic projects like the ones that can be seen in front of the Saltspring Elementary School.

I have worked with children in various capacities over the last 20 years, teaching art classes, holding community workshops, offering the Artist-in-the-Classroom program, and in the last eleven years working as an Educational Assistant.

I love working with children and have a passion for supporting them in exploring their creativity.